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 Living water is pure, highly Minerals derived from the ocean - 100% ‘NATURAL’ - with reduced Sodium Chloride.   provides a highly complex source of macro and trace minerals in the form and ratios provided by nature that are readily compatible with the body's requirements, to sustain and promote life as well. it contains trace elements to support 20,000 hormonal functions of the human body. Magnesia Living Water is 100% engineered by Nature.


It's a simple and convenient way to supplement your everyday mineral nutrition and boost hydration. It is ionic (provides electrolytes) and it is 100% natural minerals. Just droplets in to your daily drinks or beverage.

 Living Water is sourced from the pristine water off the Great Barrier Reef – the largest World Heritage area (Sea/Ocean) in Australia.





In a closely guarded and pristine location of the Great Barrier Reef, Ocean water with  minerals are collected in specially designed ponds. This water is allowed to slowly concentrate, utilizing the forces of SOLAR Evaporation and Precipitation. A dense solution rich in minerals both macro and trace slowly develops.

At this point, excess levels of sodium in crystalline form are gently remove from the solution. The solution is then transferred to another pond where it is allowed to concentrate even further, prior to being transferred to the last solar concentration pond.

After many months of solar concentration, a dense solution rich in all manner of minerals and yet remarkably low in sodium ( approximately 2% ) is formed. This mineral rich anti-microbial and proprietary process to ensure its efficacy and suitability for human consumption.

Throughout this long process the solution is constantly monitored, and samples are repeatedly collected for analytical testing in a . Accredited Laboratory to ensure that the purity, consistency and concentration of minerals in this natural product is within and acceptable range for human consumption.

This incredible 100% Natural Ocean Derived Liquid Mineral Supplement is naturally balanced and full of ionic trace elements.

The natural process concentration of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace elements are determined by standard analytical procedures outlined by the American Public Health Association (APHA) A sample analysis have been performed by the Food and Agricultural Laboratories of Australia.

Samples are analyzed for microbial content to ensure that the product always meets Australian and International food standards.

The product has been tested for oral toxicity. lt was found to be non toxic and had no adverse acute effect when ingested.

NO!   Living water has nothing to do with chemical or drug nor medicine.

It is registered in Malaysia with KKM under Food Category.'


An electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that behaves as an electrically conductive medium. ...

electrolyte - a solution that conducts electricity; "the proper amount and distribution of electrolytes in the body is essential for health" 

Salts in the blood, eg sodium, potassium and

 is ionic and it is FULL of electrolytes. These charges up your body. This is why athletes take energy drinks.


Living Water can improve the quality of sleep, reduce pains, improve physical fitness, body recovery, also functions in regulating metabolism disorder, immune system, endocrine disorders, also has a good function in the process of rehabilitation for the elderly, menopausal women, anorexia for children, and diseases of unknown cause. It is a natural nutritional supplement without unwanted side effects. It is a supplement that provides a combination of elements of prevention, health care, nutrition and healing process.

 Living Water is a nutritional supplement of mineral salts containing the extract of sea water at high concentration. According to the instructions, place a few drops of concentrated sea water in fruit juice or water to drink. Due to the similarities of mineral salt in the sea water and the mineral salts found in the human body, and since these essential sea minerals are obtained 600 below the sea bed, it is not polluted due to separation from air and away from bacteria growth areas, therefore, consuming in long term will not cause any side effects or allergies.

 Living Water is very suitable for pregnant women, because it is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and so on which are very important for pregnant women and infants, and the ratio is almost the same as the placenta liquid in a pregnant women. As recommendation, the appropriate age for a child to consume is aged four years and above.

 Yes, it can also be added into fruit juices, beverages, soups or food. Because it dissolves in water in ionization state, it is quickly absorbed by the body; it is also very similar to human blood, lymph fluid, plasma fluid which completes the daily needs and helps absorb minerals and trace elements from food, to maintain the body balance.

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