Living Water

 Living Water Drinking water is refreshing beverage that combines de-ionised water with natural full spectrum minerals & low sodium to help balance the amount of heat in our body & restore harmony to our system.
Unique mineral composition coming from a protected area surrounding Southern Antarctic Pacific  guarantees high quality and unique taste of Magnesia Living Water. Optimal content of natural magnesium brings refreshment, strength and youthful energy to the whole organism. 
Qualities: contains natural magnesium in a readily absorbable form, low in sodium, beneficial for human health
Benefits include:
- Relieves fever
- Relieves heat stroke
- No more headaches due to heatiness
- Relieves constipation caused by body heat
- Relieves burning sensation by heatiness, pungent / spicy food
- Good bye to pimples, acnes & mouth ulcers caused by body heat
  • Each 500ml contains 18mg of Magnesium
  • natural mineral water (the dry residues (at 180 ºC) 782 mg/l)
  • BENEFITS: content of natural magnesium
MIN. SHELF LIFE: 36 months
Recomended Dosage: as a refreshing health giving drink for all ages 
Adult - 500ml each time, 4 times a day
Children 3-12 years - 500ml each time, 2 times a day    
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