Magnesium (Mg) Living Water

 LIVING WATER of Magnesia is a premier mineral drinking water. It is a liquid dietary supplement that is formulated to provide a complete range of macro & trace minerals that is lacking in our food and water. This full complex mineral is in an ionic form, making it a very unique and healthy mineral supplement. It provides true hydration.

Using the purest water from reverse osmosis process and adding the best nature-harvested ocean mineral concentrate, LIVING WATER of Magnesia is beneficially unique - it is 100% absorbable. Ocean mineral is also unique because the ratio of mineral to each other is similar to our blood plasma. Low in sodium, yet high in magnesium, it is unrivalled as an electrolyte drink.

LIVING WATER of Magnesia is the TRUE supplement. Take the LIVING WATER for optimum health!

Every 500ml bottle of LIVING WATER of Magnesia provides an amazing 50mg of ionic minerals for a healthier you!


This amazing Trace Mineral supplement was developed to address the mineral deficit that is common in the modern diet. The low sodium, full spectrum concentrate is derived from pure ocean water rich in natural occurring minerals and nutrients.

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